Our safari with Real Desert Man was really a great experience. We have come across many issues related to solo female traveling, but as the safety of a solo traveler is very essential, we recommend real desert man to travel around while being assured of the security. Whether, if you need anything or if anything is not good from your perspective then you just say it and then everything will be sorted for you as per your choice. The highlights of our journey with real desert man were definitely one of making rotis and singing around the bonfire.

Special Thanks to the entire team for making this trip a memory for life!
While traveling as two female backpackers, we were really cautious about our safety, and thus we did some research via TripAdvisor to find the best relevant tour manager. And then we were so pleased with our choice – Real Desert Man. We have enjoys our best time while riding on a jeep, taking a view of deep desert charm, the lifestyle of abandoned villages. No, it’s not ended anymore. Then we meet our camels and took a half-hour desert tour and our guide Abhay was a helpful and nicest man. We have many chit-chats and he made us both very comfortable. An hour and a half later we settled into our camp but not before he took us to capture a mesmerizing sunset view on camelback.

We also joined up a few small groups which make us more comfortable and secure. One of my favorite experiences was of evening bonfire with arrangements of cooking right over the fire flame by self. We enjoyed snacking and buffet dinner near the bonfire. Under the star-lit and proper camping arrangements, we have enjoyed our night in the desert. I’d suggest bringing something to cover your head as that was the only cold part of the night. We woke up with the rising sunny day and they served us our morning breakfast and then we hopped back on camels for a short trip back to the jeep. It was really an awesome experience. All the guides we have met were so nice and helpful.
Touring with Real Man was really a great experience of my friends trip. The people warmly greet us when we reach their camp site. I was so impressed with the camp location as it is far away from the hustle-bustle of city side and we have enjoyed our best time while camping. Also the bumpy camel rides on desert with a safari guide was a fun after all. Me and my friends have took a lot of photographs also the shots of sunset over the dunes. When we reached the camp site,we were so much impressed by the traditional welcome of Rajasthani style by the people of real man. Everyone was very kind-hearted and friendly. Bonfire and food cooking experience were some of the favorite highlights of my journey. I’d definitely recommend my known ones to plan desert tour with real desert man because he is a man having true love for the desert.

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